Update on US Higher Education – 2021

The Biden administration announced that all international students planning to begin or continue their academic programs on or after August 1, 2021, will be eligible to study in the US. This means students who are granted F-1 visas will be able to enter the US without issues or further delays.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the policy “is made under what the State Department calls a ‘national interest exemption,’ meaning the government has determined it’s in the US’s best interest to allow these individuals in.” 

The news comes at a most opportune time: International student demand has been high in 2021, with more than 5 million applications to US university programs so far. With this announcement, we anticipate that even more students will now plan to head to the US for their university degrees. 

Early preparations are key:

  • Embassies around the world are in the process of reopening and appointments will fill up quickly. We recommend students make appointments as soon as possible.
  • May is an ideal time for students to get their visas: Data has shown that visa success rates are higher earlier in the enrollment process.
  • Early enrollment confirmation comes with multiple benefits for students, including first choice of housing options.

We are here for your students as they work toward their goals of studying in the US. Here’s to a very promising fall!

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