• France is the best place to study because it’s a part of EU and also a Schengen state.
  • Tuition fee in France is affordable as compared to other European countries.
  • You can study in France with or without IELTS.
  • Work and study in France is also possible.
  • World ranking for most universities in France is very high.


France is the country with population of 65 million people. Capital of France is Paris . National language of France is French which is widely spoken across the world. Per Capita income of France is 38192 Euro. France welcomes over 400,000 international students at different universities. Euro is France’s official currency. Working hours for international students in France is 20 hours per week. Wages for students are 10 euro per hour.


France is one of the major economic powers of the world, ranking along with such countries as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom. It has one of the oldest and established higher education systems in the world. People of France are very supportive and friendly. You can make lot of friends there in France.


The tuition fee in French universities vary on the course or program you have selected to study and institute. There is a lot of difference between fee packages and of public and private universities in France. France is the fourth most affordable country in the Europe.

Public universities charge 1000-3000 euros per year for undergraduate programs and private universities charge 5000 euros per year.

Undergraduate program fee is 1000-3000 euros per year

Postgraduate programs 5000-15000 euros per year.


French universities give option of dormitories. The most famous and preferred student accommodation type is dormitory. If you choose dormitory facilities of internet study room lounge gym bike storage parking slots cafeteria and student club are available moreover bedclothes are supplied and attached bathrooms are with every room. French universities offer dormitories to international students but those who prefer to avail private accommodation those students will have those following options.

1. You can avail private renting apartment on sharing with your friends. which costs 230-650 euros per month you can find private renting apartments ads in local newspaper or online websites.

2. One bed room flat is for the students who prefer privacy and are not comfortable with hustle bustle of dormitories then renting private a private room is more appropriate for you. Cost of one room flat is 250-650 euros per month.

3. On average three bed room apartment in France costs 350 to 650 euros per month.

4. Studio apartment costs up to 600 euros per month.

5. Transport and food expenditure in France is average 120 euros per month.


Working hours for students are 20 hours a week per hour wages are 10 euro per hour.


Mostly students consider to settle in France after completion of their degrees. They become habitual to atmosphere life style facilities and culture. Students who have completed their degrees in France and want to live in France after degrees, then they will have to convert their study visa into work visa which is applicable to both EU and non EU nationals. After graduation, option is given to students they can stay there for 12 months and find any job or start their own business.